50 reasons

50 Reasons to Drink Mead During the Holiday Season

Mead, it warms the heart and the soul. It also warms those limbs that have gone numb from the cold. It’s great on the dinner table, or to pair with a slice of pumpkin pie, and yes, you can even add it to some of your favorite holiday beverages.

Mead is a great gift that Santa will definitely be jealous he didn’t think of… if these didn’t get you excited for the joy of mead, here are 50 more reasons to celebrate with mead this holiday season!

  1. After taking a walk down Main Street

  2. After taking the perfect fall/winter photo.

  3. You got a great photo while your friend hilariously slipped on the ice.

  4. Your friend just took an embarrassing photo of you after you slipped on ice.

  5. You need something to go with that secret stash of discount Halloween candy you’re hiding from the kids.

  6. When it feels like fall outside

  7. When it feels like winter outside

  8. When you miss summer.

  9. When you’re stuck inside at work and you have NO IDEA what it’s like out.

  10. Christmas music!!! Yay!!

  11. Christmas Music!! Ugh!!!

  12. Before the game

  13. During the game

  14. After the game

  15. Celebrating the end of the semester

  16. You just saw your student loan statement

  17. You’re avoiding looking at your student loan statement

  18. You just put away your lawn mower

  19. You just raked leaves

  20. You just pulled out your snow blower

  21. Before Black Friday

  22. Right before Black Friday (For a nip of courage)

  23. After Black Friday

  24. You got all your shopping done

  25. You’re avoiding holiday shopping.

  26. Oh %$#*, it’s Christmas eve!

  27. Successful cleaning the gutters without falling!

  28. You fell of the ladder cleaning your gutters.

  29. You just got your hospital bill from falling off the ladder cleaning your gutters.

  30. You’ve got a sweet fire going in the fireplace with your Boo.

  31. Bonfires

  32. S’mores

  33. Watching your kids jump in the leaves.

  34. What else are you going to do with that extra hour of daylight savings?

  35. Nothing pairs better with stuffing.

  36. Just to warm up a cold night.

  37. You don’t want to deal with those slimey Jack-o-Lanterns that are still on the porch.

  38. Your nephew came over to help you figure out how to work Hulu and Netflix.

  39. Your crazy uncle needed help with his Netflix AGAIN!

  40. You just picked up a good book.

  41. You just picked up 10 good books.

  42. You looked at your bookshelf and saw all the books you still have to read.

  43. It just dawned on you that you are a book hoarder. (and you are cool with that.)

  44. Meh.. you’d rather see the movie.

  45. ...but there’s no way you’d admit that.

  46. You can’t wait to build a snowman!

  47. Your dog refuses to go out in the cold.

  48. You cannot for the life of you find a matching pair of gloves!!!

  49. You get to see your whole family this holiday!!

  50. Your family get’s to see you!! <3

Whatever your reason for enjoying mead, come on down and pick up a bottle or three, sample some favorites old and new, and have a wonderful holiday season!