The Colony Meadery Donation Policy

The Colony Meadery prides ourselves on being involved in the local community and supporting good causes. However, we receive many more solicitations than we can fulfill. Please review this to see if your request fits our policy.

No matter what, your solicitation request should be brief, addressed to a human being, and include the following information:

  • Event date, time and location

  • Expected number of attendees

  • Whether you are a 501c3 (if you’re not, you should definitely be offering us something of value)

Causes we support:

While we are open to supporting any worthy cause, there are some that are closer to our hearts:

  • Animals

  • Arts

  • Outdoors

  • Our local community

Ways we support:

  • Silent auctions and raffles

    • In general, we are happy to offer a certificate for a flagship flight and an empty growler, or for a tour and tasting at our facility.

    • For larger sponsorship opportunities, we have donated private tours for corporate or larger groups.

    • We do not donate bottles for silent auctions. If you would like to purchase some, we are happy to donate glassware to go with it.

  • Product

    • If you have an event where you would like us to donate product for attendees to enjoy, please include the following information:

      • Amount of product requested

      • Level of sponsorship (number of tickets, recognition, etc) offered

      • Other beverages offered at the event

    • Please note that we rarely donate product. When we do, it is usually because:

      • There is some tie-in (that is, there is a reason attendees might be interested in mead)

      • We have been offered something significant in the way of sponsorship or trade

      • We are one of the only if not the only beverage there

      • Sometimes, we are permitted to sell to attendees.

      • We are not being asked to staff the event as well as donate

  • Advertising sponsorships

    • Please be aware we evaluate advertising sponsorships as we do any other advertising opportunity (that is, on its value to our business). Consequently, please include a rate card, including distribution and exposure numbers. We will not have any meetings or discussions until we have this information.

  • Barter

    • Coming from a long line of horse thieves and scalawags, we love bartering. Serious offers are greatly appreciated and always given consideration.

Ways to get us to say yes to your request:

  • Know our names (they’re on the website) and address your solicitation accordingly.

  • Offer us a level of sponsorship

  • Offer to buy something - anything!

  • Make a personal connection with literally any person who works or hangs out with us (note: This does not mean walking into the meadery and announcing that you “know the owner” because you once met someone who knows him. This means actually coming in and meeting a human being).

  • Show that you understand our business and beverage and have thought about why you’re asking us, rather than carpet bombing the business community with a form letter.

Ways to get us to say no to your request:

  • Address your solicitation to the company or a theoretical person.

  • Come to a location in person and interrupt our busy day and paying customers with “are you the owner?”

  • Use the words “great exposure” as a reason you are doing us a favor by asking us for a favor.

  • Make an impolite number of follow up calls when you’ve already been told it’s under consideration.

  • Ask us to do paperwork or extra work to make a donation

  • Reveal that you have not read this policy.


Now that you've got a good feel for us, you either email your brief, personal request to