Mead is alcohol made from honey. Gluten comes from grains. By law, we're not even allowed to use grains. So no gluten here. Honestly, though, if anyone gives you a mead that isn't gluten-free, they're doing something pretty weird.

Are your meads gluten-free?

Is your location kid/dog friendly?


However, all dogs and children are the responsibility of the adults with them. We do not run daycare for either dogs or children. While Bethlehem is more low-key and has food, Allentown is a somewhat typical brewery taproom, and there will be adults drinking. We welcome all members of your family, however you define that word, but please respect ours with your choices.

I'm hungry.

Not a question, but understandable! Food is good.

The Bethlehem location has lite fare, including rotating sandwiches and salads, along with cheese and meat boards. It's also on Main Street, within two blocks of approximately 430,000 restaurants.

The Allentown location only offers hummus and salsa, but we have a food truck and live music every Friday at Hijinx Brewing Company across the hall. If you come on a Saturday and there is no food truck that day, we have a host of great local places that deliver via phone or Grubhub.

How much does a tasting cost?

Most people start with our flights, which is a tasting of five meads that adds up to about a glass of alcohol. Our first-timer flight is $8 and includes five of our best-selling draft meads. We do have between 20 and 30 varieties available at any given time, so you can also do a Choose Your Own Flight for $9 and sample the others.