New Mead Flavors AND Additional Hours in Allentown

Hold the presses! We've got some exciting Colony Meadery news! We are releasing some new flavors of mead that we're pretty positive you're going to love and we've added additional hours to our Allentown location. 

The Colony Meadery will be open on Thursdays from 6-9 through the summer time. Plan to stop in Thursday through Sunday for a tasting, a tour, and to pick up some tasty tasty mead for your party. Our Bethlehem location at the Moravian Bookshop remains at its current hours and is open Wednesday through Sunday.

Let the (Habanero) Mango Through (available NOW and pictured above)

Mango mead with habaneros. With a kick of sweet and spicy, this mead doesn’t mess around.

Gnome Retreat (Available 5/27)

The hops of a beer and the raspberry of..a raspberry. Oh, it’s good.

Lemon Laws in a Can (Available 5/27) 

This lemon infused mead will pucker you up in just the right way. Plus it’s in a can, so whip out those coozies.

Tea Tax in a Can (Available 5/27)

Pinkies out folks. It’s tea time in a can with this black tea, lemon, and honey infused mead. Cheerio!

Lastly, look for these tasty additions due to be released late June.

Up the Hibs - hibiscus and rose hips mead

Djinn Blossoms - jasmine green tea mead

Stop in at the Colony Meadery before Memorial Day to stock up for your weekend festivities! While both locations may be closed on Monday, May 30th, we will be open our regular hours to provide you will plenty of mead-goodness at both our Allentown and Bethlehem locations.

Have a great (and safe) weekend and #GetBuzzed!