50 Reasons to Drink Mead

Why drink mead? Well, there are plenty of reasons! From every day events, to big celebrations, every day can be a mead day! Here is a quick list of 50 reasons you might consider enjoying this tasty beverage.

  1. It’s your birthday

  2. It’s your friend’s birthday

  3. It’s your anniversary

  4. It’s your friend’s anniversary

  5. You’re getting a promotion

  6. You got a better rate on your mortgage

  7. Your mother in-law has to postpone her visit

  8. You actually like your mother in-law, so you got some FOR her visit

  9. You’re studying for an exam

  10. You passed your exam

  11. You failed your exam

  12. The game is on

  13. You finally got around to fixing that minor thing in your house

  14. You’re procrastinating on fixing that thing in your house

  15. You’ve got a new special guy/gal in your life

  16. You’ve just went through a breakup

  17. It’s hot out

  18. It’s cold out

  19. It’s perfect out

  20. You want to try something new

  21. You want to have something tried and true

  22. You adopted a new pet

  23. You’re hired!

  24. You’re fired. (whomp whomp)

  25. You beat your high score

  26. You had a great day.

  27. You had an awful day.

  28. It’s New Years

  29. It’s ½ way to New Years

  30. Because you’re getting married

  31. Because you’re NOT getting married

  32. Because it’s Monday

  33. Because it’s Friday

  34. Because it’s any day

  35. Your fave wrestler just won the title belt

  36. It’s classy

  37. You’re thirsty

  38. It’s what our forefathers did

  39. Because that sandwich is lonely in your stomach

  40. You wanna class up that drinking game

  41. You got a new tattoo

  42. You need a nip of courage

  43. You just wanna dance

  44. You and your friends are gonna have a paint party

  45. Your grandma knit you a wine bottle koozie

  46. You’ve been looking for an excuse to have that pinky out

  47. You wanna break in that horn drinking vessel

  48. You taught your dog a new trick

  49. You’re kid has finally learned to go on the potty

  50. You’re kid has finally learned to go on the potty… and missed

So rather than say “Why should I drink mead?” you should be saying “Why shouldn’t I?” Stop in and pick up a bottle for whatever reason you choose. Let us know YOUR reason in the comments!