Drinking Horn Mug Club

Who needs another mug? YOU DO, BECAUSE IT'S A DRINKING HORN.

It also comes with a ton of cool mead-related benefits


BadASs Horns

Carved personalized horns that you can take home or leave at the meadery for fills. They're all engraved with a name or motto of your choosing.

Mugs are between 10 and 12 oz (because livestock do not have QA departments), made into drinkware by arcane arts, and  are not dishwasher safe or vegan.


Tons of Fun Perks

As a drinking horn mug club member, you get a bunch of benefits:

  • Free mug every time a new mead comes on draft

  • Free mug of mead on your birthday

  • Invitation to the annual solstice parties (there are two!)

  • Access to members-only releases


Wait, Members only releases?


Every so often (about once/quarter), we'll put together some really limited, weird stuff that only mug club members will be able to buy. We're going to do our best to keep those releases experimental and affordable, because we like you. 

Let's get down to bronze tacks. How do I join?

  1. It costs $50/year (tax included).

    1. Year is defined as the calendar year, so you have to renew each year if you want the bennies. We process renewals quarterly.

    2. Your mug is yours, no matter what.

    3. Limited bottles must be picked up in person. Proxies are ok but please email us to tell us who it is.

  2. Mugs are ordered when payment is received, and can take 2-4 weeks on average.

  3. Best way to join is to stop into our tasting room.

    1. You can also call in: 855.632.3669 and give a credit card and mug information over the phone

    2. You can also enter your information here, but your mug will not be ordered until you pay:

Name *