Stuff You Can Drink Mead Out Of

Mead, the nectar of the gods. It's best served chilled. Beyond that, the method of consumption is up to you. Here are some recommended methods! (...kinda.) 

A regular old cup: Your go-to method.

A sippy cup: Great for sneaky mead. Don't let your kids get it!

Wine glass: Fancy fancy!

Horn: When your inner viking needs to be unleashed.

Shoe: Make sure it's clean.. unless that's your thing. We won't judge.

Recycled plastic bottle: How environmentally conscience of you. 

Robocop mug: "Dead or alive, you're drinking with me!"

Coffee cup: Need to do dishes, eh?

Mini hat used for ice cream at a baseball game: What else are you gonna do with it? Put it on your dog?

You hands: When all else fails, have some one pour it in your cupped hands.

The bottle: Bottoms up!!

A tea cup: Pinkies out. Aren't you classy?

A flask: For sharing with friends.

A big flask: For sharing with A LOT of friends.

A growler: For our meads on-tap.

Hibernian Hurling Mug: Seriously come and buy one. Only $5!

A trophy: And your wife thought that 2nd place bowling award from 1993 was useless. 

A Musikfest mug: Start your festing early.

An icecube tray: Why not!

A fancy snifter: Make sure you've got a monocle and cigar.

A skull: ...this guy...

No matter what way you choose, drink responsibly and #getbuzzed!