6 Reasons to Visit the Colony Meadery at the Bookshop in Bethlehem, PA

Looking for something to do? Have you had a chance to visit The Colony Meadery at the Moravian Bookshop? While the bookshop itself offers amazing wares, home good, and of course, books, we are proud that we have so quickly add to their amazing Main Street presence in downtown Bethlehem.

So, what can you do at The Colony Meadery here at the Moravian Bookshop?

1. Most obvious, try our mead! Try it by the glass or order a flight. We offer a wide variety of tasting options for practically any palette (21+ of course.) Sample a multitude of flavors, from our classic ‘Straight No Chaser’ to other bold and innovative flavors like coffee, grapefruit, mint and lime, or even Moravian sugar cookie, just to name a few! Some are seasonal or rotated out, so stop in and see what’s available.

2. Enjoy a non-alcoholic option. We also offer a variety of beverages including coffee, hot teas, A-Treat sodas, and an assortment of sandwiches, soups, and baked goods. Stop and relax for a few as you shop downtown.

3. Pick up some awesome Colony Meadery swag. We offer a selection of Colony Meadery tee shirts for guys and gals, a variety of glassware, including wine glasses and bottles, and even tote bags to help you show off your love of mead.

4. Support local sellers: Beyond selling full sized bottles of our Lehigh Valley made mead, we also offer amazing salsa from Casa De Jorge, delicious coffee from Monocacy Coffee Company, and a variety of other rotating local items. Come check them out!

5. Have a chuckle at our pop-culture references. While some may be more obvious than others, keep an eye out for puns and other tongue-in-cheek references in some of our signage. While some will have you laughing out loud, others will make you roll your eyes like a classic dad joke. 

6. Most importantly, have a great time! We want your experience with us to be fun and enjoyable. So whether you’re here with some friends to sample some fun mead flavors, for a quick pit stop with the family for a snack and some sodas, or just to sit for a while with a cup of coffee while perusing your newest book purchase, stop on over at The Colony Meadery at The Moravian Bookshop and #getbuzzed.