Not Your Run of the Hive Beverages


At the Colony, we're always seeking to push the boundaries of taste by producing the boldest and most innovative meads in the world. Using modern techniques, precise fermentation controls, and the most refined elbow grease, we produce honey-based alcoholic beverages that surprise the palate and amaze the judges. Our meads burst with flavor and glide down the throat with sophisticated, layered profiles and unparalleled smoothness. 

The best way to experience our mead is in one of our two tasting rooms. No reservations are necessary to come in and taste or purchase bottles.



The Hive

Allentown's Colony Meadery / take a tour

Located in a former Mack Truck factory in South Allentown, our tasting room offers tasting flights, mead on draft and by the bottle, mead slushies, and regularly scheduled tours.

Obviously, our sign will look better than this.

Obviously, our sign will look better than this.

Coming Soon:
Colony South Bethlehem

Tasting, food and music

Our second location will be at 211 E Third St in South Bethlehem. Anticipated opening approximately Spring 2019.


The Lineup

Our Award-Winning Meads

In our first year of competitions, we won 13 medals at the three national mead competitions, far more than any other meadery. We're not done winning.

Bridgeworks Beverage Alliance

It's good to have friends. 

We're proud to be in a hub of craft beverages. We share our building with County Seat Spirits and Hijinx Brewing Company, both crafters of excellent urban made beverages.